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Testimonial Category: Kids Karate

Mairead (age 5)

I really enjoy my Karate lessons with Sensei Lucas. My favorite part of the lesson are the warm ups when I can be the “Head of the Dragon”!

Deian (age 9)

I am always excited to go to Karate lessons because I enjoy the lessons with Sensei Lucas.  Sensei Lucas is a great teacher and shows me how to do “Kata” and other cool techniques. After one year of Karate lessons at the Vancouver Dojo I feel happy and proud of my achievements.

Gethin-Parent and Karate Practitioner

I was very fortunate to find the Vancouver Dojo and Sensei Lucas where I am able to train in a class for children and parents. Sensei Lucas –teaches traditional karate, which is a way of life and not just a sport. He teaches with enthusiasm and in an unpretentious manner. My children and I feelContinue Reading

Aeden (age 14)

Karate really helped me with my breathing, I was able to breathe much more clearly after a long run than before I began training in Karate. 

Natasha (age 11)

I enjoy Karate cause it’s really fun and helps me with my balance.


“My two children ages 11 and 13 have been learning Karate with Lucas. They absolutely love it and I am very pleased with their development and dedication. They respect Lucas and he brings to their instruction much skill and responsibility with the teachings of Traditional Shorinji Ryu Karate Do.”


“I have found Lucas to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, patient, caring and courteous. He demonstrates excellent organization skills and a very comfortable environment for my son who is on the Autism spectrum. I have seen a lot of growth in my son’s abilities in a short time and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.”

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