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“Sensei Lucas finds the perfect balance between the discipline of karate and creating a welcoming environment. I didn’t know what to expect when I tried out the karate classes at Vancouver Dojo and I ended up having a new passion. I have been looking forward to the classes since, both mentally and physically. I recommend anyone to give themselves a chance to try Lucas’ classes, especially anyone with kids to introduce their kids to martial arts at an early age. It will definitely teach them principles that will help them their whole lives.”


“Whether you’re looking for self-defense instruction, to build self-confidence, or simply just to improve your fitness — Sensei Lucas Trottier offers something for everyone, all deeply rooted in traditional Okinawan martial arts. Sensei Trottier is proficient in the practical applications of Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Jujutsu, and Kobudo weapons instruction. With compassion and patience, SenseiContinue Reading


“Lucas’ style of teaching is a great balance between the historic roots of karate and everyday applications. The classes are an ideal mix of theory, practice, fitness and technique. Lucas takes time to answer our many questions while continually forwarding our karate practice with new skill and confidence.”


Of the three Dojo’s I’ve tried this one is the best.  The environment is friendly, disciplined and respectful. Lucas provides the perfect balance of challenge and encouragement so that the students are constantly motivated to improve.


I’ve found these lessons cultivate more than just self-defense, extending into spirituality, life principles, ethics, and more. Definitely helped me learn a lot and relate better to many aspects of my  life, including my instrument (drums), as well as helping me develop a better sense of understanding life overall.


“There are so many benefits to karate – it’s not only good exercise, but also develops self-confidence and self-discipline, and is a great way to relieve daily stress.  Lucas is a dedicated instructor who supports his students and encourages them to be their individual best, making the Dojo a great place for both personal andContinue Reading


“Lucas is a wonderful teacher in Karate and Tai Chi and has extensive knowledge of the arts and their history’s. The environment is very friendly and every class is interesting, satisfying and fulfilling to say the least.”


“After a long hiatus from training I was so glad to have found this Dojo and start attending classes again. Lucas curates a safe respectful environment with lots of knowledge, individual instruction and an obvious inspiration for teaching. An ideal club for either beginners or experienced students.”


“One of the best things I’ve done in my life so far has been to start training in Karate and now Tai Chi. Everyday is a Karate day for me.”


“Learning Shorinju Ryu Karate has been a very positive experience. It combines the adrenaline rush you get at the gym with the health benefits you get from yoga, while adding real defense techniques that can make the difference in any situation. I have noticed significant improvements to my level of confidence and in my physicalContinue Reading

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