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Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art that focuses on the cultivation of internal energy. The aim of Tai Chi is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit hence, promoting both mental and physical health. Tai Chi is used as a form of moving meditation. Deep abdominal breathing is combined with a series of movements that are structured continuously. When practiced correctly the movements of Tai Chi will appear rhythmical, effortless and in continuous flow. Similar to the Japanese art of Aikido Tai Chi Chuan is an effective form of self-defense that allows anyone of any size a chance to defend themselves. People who train in Tai Chi classes find that they will become revitalized, relaxed, more tolerant, stronger and healthier in both body and mind.

With regular practice, the physical benefits of Tai Chi Chuan may include:

• Better balance and coordination
• Improved concentration and increased awareness
• Increased strength and flexibility
• Strengthened muscles and reduced muscular stiffness
• Oxygenation of every cell and muscle in your body
• Self massage of the internal organs
• Regulation of the immune systems
The health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan may include:
•  Better relaxation and calm  • Relief of back pain  • Improved posture both when still and moving  •  Assists digestive system and abdominal organs  • Improved circulation  • Reduced high blood pressure, and improvements in arthritis, asthma, headache, diabetes and heart disease
 Beginners are always welcome. 


2668 W Broadway Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm 

For a deeper explaination of what Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is read the Blog article titled “Tai Chi and the Way Of Fist” here:

 For a List of the forms and Kata practiced at the Vancouver Dojo Please Click Here
 The first week of training is always free


Testimonials for Tai Chi

Here is what our students are saying.


“Meeting with Sensei Lucas and training Tai Chi Chuan with him is one of the best experiences in my one year visit to Vancouver. After many searches for the right place to practice Tai Chi, I met Sensei Lucas at UBC and after the first class I decided that I was on the right path. Sensei Lucas creates a safe, respectful and welcoming environment to everyone. He is patient, insightful, encouraging and friendly. Training with Sensei Lucas helped me to understand Tai Chi Chuan is not only a form of moving meditation, but also an effective system of self defence. After each class, I felt myself more confident. Training Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan increased my flexibility, helped me to improve my concentration, increased my awareness. Sensei Lucas helped me to understand my body, my mind and my spirit better. Training Tai Chi promotes both mental and physical health. Thanks for every single moment.”


Tai Chi Chuan is a great way to learn self defense. At the Vancouver Traditional Martial Arts Dojo, the emphasis lies in real world applications not just breathing exercises and slow movements. The beauty of Tai chi as a method of self-defense is how the knowledge of your opponent and the mechanics of the human body means that the biggest or tallest person doesn’t always win. Lucas has a great way of showing and teaching each student applications of each movement at their own pace. Every single class I learn something new and gain confidence in my abilities. I have also had the opportunity to learn Forms passed down for generations from teacher to student


After suffering from a brain injury, which affected my coordination, balance, and several other physical attributes, Lucas took it upon himself to go out of his way to introduce me to Tai Chi, which has helped my balance and coordination a great deal. Lucas is a first-rate martial artist and instructor, approaching his craft with a level of respect and honour of tradition one would expect from a true Sensei. Martial arts schools in Vancouver are a dime a dozen, but teachers like Lucas are very few.


“It’s fun, it’s healthy in a great atmosphere with good people. Lucas is a great teacher who helps you with every step you take.”


“Lucas creates a respectful, safe and fun environment in which everyone can learn the Tai Chi form and its applications at their own pace. I was also happy to discover that this style Tai Chi is very dynamic. Flexibility, strength, coordination and self awareness are just some of the benefits I have gained from studying this form of Tai Chi. I look forward to each class as I continue to discover the potential of the human body when it’s  power is fully harnessed.”


“As a Tai Chi enthusiast about to stay a few months in Vancouver I was thrilled to find this club in my neighborhood. After my first class I could tell Lucas has a great grasp of the essence of Tai Chi as well as it’s Martial Applications. I learned much during my time there. No matter if your a beginner or a veteran I would recommend this school to anyone interested in the practical aspects of the internal martial arts.”


“Sensei Lucas shattered my preconceived, cliched notions about what Tai Chi really is. I knew that done slowly it was immensely beneficial for balance, focus and flexibility but I had no idea that it was also a profoundly effective form of self defense. Lucas teaches the traditional form and self defense applications that underlie it in a dynamic and accessible style. Every class I learn something new about this fascinating art form and I’m getting fitter and stronger in the process.”


“I happened into a Tai Chi class with Lucas a couple years ago knowing very little about it, and nothing about the Yang style. Immediately I was intrigued with the traditional self defense aspect, which I hadn’t expected. Tai Chi both challenges and rewards me; it looks so simple yet demands precision and control. Lucas is patient and encouraging – which is great because though Tai Chi doesn’t come easily to me, I want to keep learning more.”

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