Tai Chi Chuan FAQs

tai chi faqs

This is a list of Tai Chi Chuan FAQs, the most frequently asked questions we get from prospective Tai Chi Chuan students of The Vancouver Dojo.

Yes. Tai Chi is a martial art. The word Tai Chi Chuan means “supreme” or “ultimate fist”. It is one of the greatest achievements in the long history of Taoist martial art systems. 

Whether it be Tai Chi Chuan or playing piano, what makes a practice spiritual is determined by the practitioner rather than the art itself. A person may perceive and develop their Tai Chi Chuan skills in a spiritual way, but it is not a requirement for both enjoying and gaining value from training in Tai Chi Chuan.  

Any exercise routine can be effective for weight loss. However Tai Chi Chuan is not specifically designed for that purpose and because it doesn’t stress cardio style workouts, it might not be ideal for people specifically seeking weight loss. Karate is better suited and more effective for weight loss.

Yes. Tai Chi Chuan means “supreme” or “ultimate fist”. This martial art was developed based on real-world applications. Learning Tai Chi Chuan without an understanding of its application is an incomplete study of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan at The Vancouver Dojo is rooted in Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan. See the list of 108 Tai Chi postures along with a discussion of various styles of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan is a self-defense system. The aim of Tai Chi Chuan is not to actively “fight” with others. Rather, it teaches how to prevent fighting from occurring. If a “fight” is inevitable, Tai Chi Chuan contains an extremely adaptable and versatile set of strategies for dealing with attacks including sweeps, throws, joint locks, precision striking (pressure-point striking), and more. 

Absolutely. All martial art techniques taught at the Vancouver Dojo are applicable in real-life situations. What matters is how well they are learned and practiced by the individual.  A poor expression of a good technique bears sour fruit, while a skilled expression of a basic technique can make all the difference in a real fight.