Two kids training outdoors in their gi with a bo staff


The values and principles of Karate make it especially useful for cultivating work ethic, confidence in kids and youth. The fundamentals of training in Karate involve mustering up the courage to make mistakes, keep going and continue to apply work hard. As a result, your child will witness first-hand how their effort leads to progress and ultimately great achievements. 

Most importantly, Karate training will show your child that they have the capacity to learn and grow, regardless of mistakes. Karate training offers them achievable goals to work toward and encourages them to have a mindset of continual self-improvement. 

This is really the most important aspect of traditional martial arts training, for kids and for adults: To aim towards ones greatest potential knowing it can never be reached, and to enjoy the journey along the way.


Class training develops many types of skills. Each class involves a warm-up and stretch which exercises all major muscle groups. Kids are often encouraged to lead the warm-ups and stretches in order to develop leadership skills.

Each class also involves partner work that requires being careful and considerate towards others and works to reinforce good social skills with a sense of humble yet solid self-confidence.

Adults and kids warming in push-up stance on the floor of the dojo
Kids and parents learning karate kata


Kids & Parents Karate at the Vancouver Dojo is designed for kids ages 5 to 8 years old and assumes one parent at minimum will be involved in training alongside their child.

Kids 8 years old and older may train without a parent, though we strongly encourage parents to join as well.

Please ask us about Special Family pricing.

6 Benefits of Karate for Kids

Mind. Body. Spirit.
The benefits of Karate training for kids is plentiful and is increased when you, as a parent, train alongside your child.

Every class contains strengthening exercises, stretching, balance, mental awareness and focus.

Students of all levels train together and beginners can join at anytime.

The diverse nature of individual skill levels relies on a supportive community where the more experienced students help others and together they creative a supportive community.

Self Defence
Increased Confidence
Ability to Focus
Leadership Skills
Productive Energy

What Our Students are Saying...

Our entire family (two adults, one kid) have been training at the Vancouver Dojo for a couple of years now and we have had a very positive experience.

Alex H.

Tai Chi Student

Sensei Lucas works with each student and helps them discover their own best potential.

Paul B.

Kids & Parents Karate

So thankful for a dojo and community of this caliber on the west side!


Karate, Kids & Parents Karate, Tai Chi Student

Sensei Lucas is a kind, knowledgeable and skilled martial artist and an excellent teacher. He is great with kids, encouraging them to reach new heights of confidence both mentally and physically.

Dave G.

Kids & Parents Karate

Flexible Training Schedule

Our Karate classes run three times a week. Come as many times as your schedule allows.

> Tuesdays 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
> Thursdays (Open Dojo) 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
> Saturdays 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

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