Karate FAQs

Am I too old to learn karate?

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions from prospective Karate students of The Vancouver Dojo.

Beginner Karate FAQs

No. No one is too old to learn Karate.

In Japan, it is not unusual for seniors in their 70s, 80s, and 90s to practice martial arts such as Karate and Tai Chi Chuan.

As long as you want to learn, and you are mindful to train in a way that is appropriate to your ability, there is no maximum age to begin learning martial arts.

Karate classes include a warm-up followed by a stretch. Students learn and practice foundational elements of karate, and the class ends with work on Kata (prearranged movement sets).

First-time students are always given lots of help and support as they learn the basics. 

Karate classes tend to be more physically intensive than Tai Chi Chuan classes. Be ready to sweat.

Injury management is about paying attention and being careful how you approach any physical movement. Karate training can be a form of movement rehabilitation, depending on the injury. Let the Sensei know your concerns on your first day.

There are no fitness requirements for any classes at the Vancouver Dojo. However, each class is an opportunity to improve your physical fitness, little by little.

The karate classes at The Vancouver Dojo are designed so beginners in karate train alongside more experienced students. As beginner students advance, they assist new students with the basics. In teaching other students, you will also learn. The Dojo is a very supportive environment in this way. 

For free trial classes, we recommend you wear comfortable exercise clothing that allows freedom of movement.

As a member of the dojo, Karate students wear a Karate gi.

Not unless they’ve had previous experience in martial arts. Beginners are never required to do anything they can’t handle. When the student is ready, they can begin sparring and in time, it becomes an essential skill for high-level martial artists to develop. But no one is ever rushed through that process.


Kids & Parents Karate FAQs

Kids & Parents Karate classes are for kids 8 years old and up.

Kids under 12 years old must attend karate class with a parent. Kids who are 12 years old and up can train without a parent.

For children to gain the most benefit, parents are highly encouraged to train alongside their children.

Traditional martial arts such as Karate help to develop your child’s physical, mental, and social skills regardless of natural ability or experience. Karate classes teach respect for one another, hone leadership skills, and focus on continuous learning and improvement.