Part Time Membership
billed monthly
Includes training once a week in Karate or Tai Chi Chuan.Includes training once a week in Karate or Tai Chi Chuan.
Classes offered Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.Classes offered Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.
Week to week, attend the class best suited to your schedule.Week to week, attend the class best suited to your schedule.
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Full Time Membership
billed monthly
Train in Karate or Tai Chi Chuan.Train in Karate or Tai Chi Chuan.
Includes access to all classes including Kobudo.Includes access to all classes including Kobudo.
Online QiGong access included.Online QiGong access included.
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Family Membership
billed monthly
Includes all household family members.Includes all household family members.
Kids & Parents classes open to children under 13 years.Kids & Parents classes open to children under 13 years.
Valuable life skills and exercise for the whole family.Valuable life skills and exercise for the whole family.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to join?

There is no maximum age to training. Keeping the body and mind healthy and focused is one of the key reasons training was developed. It is for all ages.

I'm dealing with a back/shoulder/knee etc injury. Can I still participate?

Injury managment is all about paying attention and being careful in the approach you take to your exercising. A mindful practitioner will use the injury to better understand how to make more of having less. Training can also provide a useful form of movement rehabilitation after injuries if the practitioner is careful and moves in the correct way.

What can I expect from my first class?

Both Karate and Tai Chi Chuan classes typically involve a warm-up followed by a stretch. Then the key foundational elements of the style are practiced and the class, typically, ends with work on the form or Kata (prearranged movement sets) First time students are always given lots of help and support as they learn the basics of training. Karate classes tend to be more physically intensive (sweaty). Tai Chi Classes are more cerebral and require a lot of mindfulness.

What do I wear to class?

If you’re dropping in for free week to try out some classes you can wear any comfortable exercise clothes you want. Tai Chi Chuan students may also wear any workout clothes they wish. Karate students (once they become a member of the Dojo) are required to wear gi’s (white martial art uniforms).

What is the difference between Part-Time and Full-Time Membership?

For Karate and Tai Chi Chuan students can join the Dojo as either a Full-Time Member or a Part-Time member. Full-Time members can train at 2 (or more) classes per week. Part-Time members can train at 1 class per week.

What other Membership options are available?

In addition to part-time or full-time Karate or Tai Chi, we also offer two options for a combination membership of both Karate and Tai Chi:

    1. Full time Karate & Tai Chi which includes 3 Karate classes per week, 2 Tai Chi classes per week and access to Open Dojo for $215 / month.
    2. Part time Karate & Tai Chi which includes 1 Karate class per week, 1 Tai Chi class per week for $125 / month

If your schedule requires more workarounds, please contact us and we’ll do our best to set up an arrangement that works for you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Monthly fees are processed with the ZenPlanner Payment software. Payments can be made via all major credit cards (except American Express) or by bank account debits.

Interested in our Class Schedule?

Our frequent classes and Open Dojo sessions make scheduling easy.

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What Our Students are Saying...

Our entire family (two adults, one kid) have been training at the Vancouver Dojo for a couple of years now and we have had a very positive experience.

Alex H.

Tai Chi Student

Sensei Lucas works with each student and helps them discover their own best potential.

Paul B.

Kids & Parents Karate

So thankful for a dojo and community of this caliber on the west side!


Karate, Kids & Parents Karate, Tai Chi Student

Sensei Lucas is a kind, knowledgeable and skilled martial artist and an excellent teacher. He is great with kids, encouraging them to reach new heights of confidence both mentally and physically.

Dave G.

Kids & Parents Karate

I love Vancouver dojo! Sensei Lucas has a really great way of teaching that makes learning martial arts a good mix of fun, but also seriousness.

Matt I.

Tai Chi Student

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